The Church Wedding Coordinator has an opportunity to serve Christ in a very special way.  Weddings are a time of significant change in one’s life and offer an opportunity for spiritual examination and/or commitment. The Church Wedding Coordinator is responsible for verifying availability of the wedding support staff and other services available through PLCC if requested.

 The Church Wedding Coordinator works closely with the Pastoral staff in directing the rehearsal.

 When fulfilling the role of Church Wedding Coordinator, she will be present at the rehearsal and wedding and also during the reception if held at PLCC. She will carefully prepare herself to give gracious assistance to the wedding party during the planning stages, the rehearsal and the wedding itself. Her assistance is of real value in foreseeing what is to happen and also making herself available to oversee the details at the church, including assisting the bridal party prior to the ceremony.

Who to Contact

For more information about having your wedding at Pine Lake Covenant, contact our Church Office (425-392-8636).