Finance Team of PLCC

The Finance Team is a ministry team chartered and appointed by the Leadership Team.  The objective of this team is to plan and monitor the financial affairs of the church and to recommend financial policies and actions – including the annual budget- to the Leadership Team and Congregation.

Scope of Responsibilities

  1. Recommend financial institutions for the funds of the congregation, with services suited to a large church.
  2. Research and recommend appropriate insurance policy coverage’s for facilities and staff.
  3. Arrange for annual financial audit of church records of income and expenses.
  4. Review the annual budget proposals prepared by staff.  Submit the budget to the Leadership Team for review and approval. 
  5. In the event of a significant expenditure is proposed during the fiscal year that was not included in the adopted budget, the Finance Team shall make recommendations to the Leadership Team regarding options available to finance such proposed projects or expenditures. 
  6. Develop long-range financial plans addressing major concerns of the Finance Team, Leadership Team and the Congregation.
  7. With the assistance of other ministries, staff, and the Leadership Team, the Finance Team shall recommend policies on the purchasing of goods and services for the church.
  8. Working with Mutual Ministries Team, the Finance Team will work to adequately provide for the salaries/benefits of our Ministry Staff.

The Finance Team is comprised of Leslie Ault and Nancy Buffalow along with Roger Jones from the Leadership Team.  

Who to Contact

If there are any questions or concerns, please e-mail the team at