Mutual Ministries

No, not Mutual Funds or Mutual of Omaha – we’re the Mutual Ministries Team! We are a committee set up by our bylaws to support our ministry staff and church.

Our Role

  1. We encourage and care for our church pastors/directors (and their families too!).
  2. We function as a liaison between the ministry staff and the rest of the church
  3. We work with the Leadership Team and others (such as the Finance Team) to provide the resources that are needed for ministry staff.
  4. Facilitate communication between the congregation and the ministry, within the context of Matthew 18 principles.
  5. Periodically review church and ministry goals

The Mutual Ministries team is made up of Mark Baughman, Gary Brock and Chris Nemeth, all of whom were elected last year by the congregation. Our team works with senior pastor in supporting our great ministry staff.

Who to Contact

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!