Christian Formation

Early Covenanters would often ask each other, “How is your walk going with Christ?” What they were really asking is, “How are you being formed in Christ? Are you growing as a disciple? Are new disciples coming to know Jesus because of you?”

Christian Formation is our continuing journey of being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Jesus as we experience and express love for God and for others.

Effective discipleship is spirit directed and occurs over time through:

Interacting with God’s Word
  • Communing with God through spiritual disciplines such as the study and meditation of the Bible
  • Discovering God’s ongoing story personally, communally and globally
  • Celebrating where the Kingdom has come and mourning where it has yet to come
Building relationships with others inside and outside the church
  • Participating in Christian community
  • Discipling others along the journey
  • Ministering together with all generations and all people of varying ethnicities and cultures
Serving in God’s mission through obedient living
  • Embracing a life of compassion, mercy and justice
  • Stewarding faithfully our God-given resources and spiritual gifts
  • Engaging and growing in a life of evangelism
Communing with God through worship living
  • Acknowledging and celebrating the holiness of God
  • Responding to God’s love and will
  • Accepting the grace and forgiveness of Jesus


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