Kickoff Breakfast

Saturday, September 24
7:30 AM

Hear a dynamic Speaker: Mike Ryan
Discover opportunities for connection with other men

Growing in Faith

Growing in faith is both a personal and a community experience. When we meet with others to
enjoy fellowship and caring, we deepen our knowledge about walking with God, encourage one
another to grow, and consult on applications to life’s challenges. There are a number of men’s
groups that do this. Some meet in PLCC facilities while others meet wherever convenient including Starbucks, homes and offices. They gather at times and frequencies suitable to the group. The groups include men from PLCC and beyond. We encourage every man in the church to be a part of a group to grow in faith.

Be Part of a Group

We acknowledge busy schedules and will continue to explore new ways for men to connect with other men and grow their faith. The recently formed Men’s Ministry Leadership Team is
focused on enabling as many groups to do this as there are interested men. This might include one on one, or beginning more market place lunch groups or groups that read common material and respond electronically. We want to hear your needs and ideas and invite you to contact us.

Find a Group

Make room in your fall scheduling for a men's group. Join us at the Kickoff Breakfast on Saturday, September 24 at 7:30 AM at PLCC and hear a dynamic speaker and discover opportunities for connection with other men. Available Life Groups can be found here.


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Alan Kruse
Shawn Smith