Advent/Christmas Resources

Advent Resources

Check out the following link filled with fun ideas for each day of Advent!

Click Here for the Nativity Story script. Spend some time with your family and read the story together. Each family member can play a part.

Here is a fun game to play around the Christmas season. Playdough Pictionary

Click Here for an Advent Calendar

Invitation Ideas

Here's some ideas to include for invitations to a neighborhood event. Remember that the best invitation is a personal one. Create a simple flyer for your event. Knock on your neighbors' doors and invite them in person.
Templates for online invitations:
Printed invitation ideas to deliver to neighbors:
  • This resource gives ideas for wording for several invitations.
  • Use a Christmas paper plate, add the details of your gathering on a sheet of paper and glue to the plate; attach a ribbon hanger and deliver to your neighbor's doors.
  • In addition to personal invitation, put a flyer up on your neighborhood mailbox. It might simply say "Looking forward to welcoming you to our Christmas gathering...Just don't include too much personal information on this kind of flyer.