Summer Women's Group

Wednesdays, July 12 - August 16

9:30 - 11:30 AM

We will be investigating the toughest objections to faith. Can you doubt and still be a person of faith? This six session small group course will explore the most common emotional obstacles to faith in Jesus. Join us as we do our own detective work around real questions of faith.

Connection and discussion group for women focusing on the book The Case for Faith.
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If you have children: a coinciding program for kids: Real Detectives. They will learn new investigative skills as they explore who Jesus is. Fun and games and growing together.

A parent or chaperone must be on site either at the Summer Women's Group or serving as a Real Detective Academy volunteer. Detectives are encouraged to participate in the whole series, although each gathering is independent and can be entered into at any time.

Info and Registration for Real Detectives can be found here.