Worship Director Position

Director of Worship Ministries

The mission of Pine Lake Covenant Church began in the mid 1960’s when only a few homes set in a woodsy rural setting were present.  The property was purchased on faith that someday a community would take root and that a church would be ready for the new families. The DNA of Pine Lake Covenant Church was forged by people who saw themselves always as a larger church who wanted to invest their time and resources to benefit the generations to come.  Today PLCC continues this commitment to be a “city on a hill” and to come alongside those for whom God grieves, both in our local communities and globally.  By the year 2020, our vision is to see growth in: 1) Outreach, locally and globally; 2) Discipling people to know and follow Jesus; 3) Intergenerational community & mission; 4) Diversity, reflecting our surrounding community; and 5) Stewardship in deploying our individual and collective resources.

Position Overview

Pine Lake Covenant Church is looking for a full-time Director of Worship Ministries who has a heart for discipleship. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing all areas which relate to worship ministries including music, audio/visual support, video, ushering, church aesthetics etc. This includes casting a strategic vision for worship ministries, communicating the vision, and recruiting volunteers to carry out the vision. On a weekly basis, you will be responsible for developing the worship portion of a service, selecting and preparing the music, managing rehearsals, leading the worship, and participating as a musician and/or singer. While we do not require you to have a pastor’s license, we want you to possess a pastor’s heart and the desire to bring others closer to God through worship.

We anticipate your duties as the Director of Worship Ministries will make up about 75% of your job. How you spend the other 25% will depend on your unique skills and gifts. For example, you may have responsibilities in areas such as missions, outreach, communications or graphic arts.

Duties and Responsibilities

     •  Oversee all areas which relate to worship ministries, making a special effort to include youth and young adults, reflecting our core values of “all ages, all growing, all the time”.

     •  Lead worship services on Sundays and alternative worship events (e.g. Christmas Eve Services), using both vocal and instrumental skills to enable the congregation to worship God. 

     •  Manage worship team rehearsals, preparing and arranging music suitable for the various skill levels of changing vocalists and instrumentalists.

     •  Recruit, equip, encourage and mentor volunteers, seeking to build confidence in the volunteers, and helping them to grow in areas they may not think they can.

     •  Partner with other ministry teams or groups who need technical or musical support, working with ministry leads throughout the church.

     •  Oversee the worship budget, ensuring that funds are available for needed expenses and that spending remains within the budget parameters.

     •  Other duties as assigned which relate to your unique skills and gifts.

Skills and Abilities

     •  Ability to sing and a solid understanding of vocal music

     •  Ability to play one or more instruments

     •  Demonstrated ability to work with multiple musicians at various age and ability levels

     •  Ability to recruit, lead and mentor others

     •  Strong organizational and administrative skills

     •  Ability to use composing software such as Sibelius

     •  Technical knowledge of audio/visual equipment; ability to set up equipment involved in the worship service and to troubleshoot issues when they arise

     •  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

     •  Team player; inclusive

     •  Confident and outgoing; comfortable leading in front of the church

Spiritual Qualifications

     •  Profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

     •  Demonstrate a love for the Lord and a desire to serve Him

     •  Accept the Bible as the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine and conduct

     •  Be committed to the purpose, vision and core values of Pine Lake Covenant Church and the Evangelical Covenant Church

     •  Willing to become a member of Pine Lake Covenant Church within one year of employment

Education and Experience

     •  Minimum 5 years’ experience leading worship

     •  College degree in Music Composition, Music Performance or Music Education preferred but not required

     •  Prior experience working with audio/visual media

     •  Prior experience leading multiple styles of music including both contemporary and traditional Christian music

     •  Experience composing and/or arranging music preferred.


  • 100% employer paid medical/dental/vision insurance for both employee and dependents
  • 100% employer paid life insurance
  • 15 days vacation (20 days for a licensed pastor)
  • Pension benefits (extended to a licensed pastor)
  • Professional development financial assistance


To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to: search@plcc.org