Suman Chakrabarti

Suman Chakrabarti

Suman was born and raised in Pittsburgh, raised by my African-American mother and Indian father. My maternal grandfather was a deacon at his Baptist church and faithfully took me every Sunday. I came to Christ at 16 and shortly-after, met my wife, Melanie. We were married at 22 and really became more involved in church when our son, Kaden, was born. They are my everything in this world and the greatest blessing I have this side of eternity.

One particular ministry really affected me: the missional community. The idea that if we live our normal lives with everyone around us, instead of just the Christian family we’ve built, we can be a light for those whom have not found Christ. We started with our neighborhood, I co-led a men’s brewery gathering that was a mix of Christian and no–Christian men that we called Tabletalk (after Martin Luther’s gathering of men), then we helped others establish their missional communities, and we worked with young pastors trying to plant churches, all to further the gospel. We have only been here for a little over 2-1/2 years and we are hoping that God provides a means to do the same things here.

 My recreational interests are photography and coaching/mentoring kids–I currently express that as an ice hockey coach. I’m also a software engineer at Microsoft, which is the least important thing I do, but I really enjoy it.

 I look forward to participating in more programs that help us to reach our 2020 vision.

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