Community Meal Packaging: Home Edition

Community Meal Packaging: Home Edition

Community Meal Packaging: Home Edition
Feed a child. Change a life.

Fri, December 10 – Sat, December 11, 2021

In partnership with Children of the Nations, Pine Lake Covenant Church has set a goal to package 40,000 meals for children and families in Sierra Leone.

Gather your family to create an at-home assembly line in your house, your garage, or in your driveway, and consider inviting another family to join you as you package meals together!

Will you join with us?

Participate / Donate

There are two options for participating:

  1. PURCHASE & PACKAGE: Purchase and package one unit of meals (6 boxes): $188.
    Packaging one unit takes 4-6 capable helpers approximately 1-2 hours to assemble. Normally one unit costs $375.84, BUT because of generous past donations, Pine Lake Covenant Church has been able to reduce the cost by 50% to $188! It might still sound like a lot, but those 6 boxes of meals will feed a *family of four* for 6 months! That is life-changing!
  2. DONATE: Make a donation in any amount to help provide these 40,000 meals to families in Sierra Leone!
Pick Up Supplies/Meals:
> Friday, December 10 (4:00-6:30pm)
Drop Off Meal Packages:
> Saturday, December 11 (2:00-3:30pm)
Participate / Donate

For more information, contact Pastor Mark Neely.