Community Meal Packaging: Home Edition

Community Meal Packaging: Home Edition

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Community Meal Packaging: Home Edition!

Thursday, December 10
– Saturday, December 12
Feed a child. Change a life.

In partnership with Children of the Nations, Pine Lake Covenant Church set a goal to package 20,000 meals for children and families in Sierra Leone.

After just a few weeks, we’ve already had enough sign-ups to meet this goal! So while we don’t need any more volunteers for at-home assembly, we do still need volunteers to help make this happen! Check out the options below to sign up to serve in the different time slots, and of course you can always still donate monetarily towards our goal of providing 20,000 meals.

Two options for participating:
  1. HELP US DISTRIBUTE MEALS! Additional volunteer groups needed:
    • Bulk Sorting & Pre-packaging (Thurs, 12/10, 2-5 pm) *4-8 people
    • Drive-Thru Pickup #1 (Thurs, 12/10, 5-7pm) *4-8 people
    • Drive-Thru Pickup #2 (Fri, 12/11, 10am-1pm) *4-8 people
    • Drive-Thru Pickup #3 (Fri, 12/11, 4-7pm) *4-8 people
    • Drive-Thru Drop Off (Sat, 12/12, 4:30-7pm) *4-8 people
  2. DONATE! Make a donation in any amount to help provide these 20,000 meals to families in Sierra Leone!
Pick Up Supplies/Meals:
> Thursday, December 10 (5-7pm)
> Friday, December 11 (10am-1pm, 4-7pm)
Drop Off Meal Packages:
> Saturday, December 12 (5-7pm)
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For more information, contact Pastor Mark Neely.