Bridges to Bless

Bridges to Bless


Open bridges to reach out to the poor in the name of Jesus Christ.

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What we do:

  • Bring resources to share: food, beverages, clothes, gas cards, etc.
  • Serve people: coffee, pastries, warm food
  • Establish and nurture relationships: we go regularly and we get to know people. We give them a chance to experience what a healthy, respectful, and loving relationship is. In this, we aspire to be in the image of Jesus
  • Listen: We start by listening
  • Give of our time: this may be the most precious gift, the most tangible proof of Christian love
  • Give and receive: we establish a bridge and both ends benefit the blessings of this relationship

How we do it:

  • Together with other Churches and with Union Gospel Mission
  • We collect donations; clothes and food from individuals, Panera Bread, financial donations (tax deductible and eligible for gift matching)
  • We are committed to go regularly and have a rotation so that people don’t need to go every week
  • We spend time and make life with our homeless friends 

Camp Second Chance

  • Visit on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays to spend time, relax and share life with others
  • Serve coffee and pastries 
  • bring food and clothes donations 
  • bring games and ideas to share

Where: 9701 Myers Way South, Seattle, WA


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