Echo Glen Children's Center

A Washington State Juvenile Detention facility & a school run by the Issaquah School District. There are 160 to 185 great kids as young as 9 and up to 19 years old. Most have been neglected or abused by parent(s) who may have also been neglected & abused. It seems to be a continuous cycle - one that Echo Glen staff is determined to break! Many of the parents have too many issues of their own to be able to give attention & love to their incarcerated children. These kids crave positive attention from adults and need good role models. Nearly all have dangerously low self-esteem.

Echo Glen from Pine Lake Covenant Church on Vimeo.

Ways to show your care

(click on the links for more information) Monthly Birthday Baking for Tent City - Help the kids bake cupcakes and create cards that are given to Tent City 4 residents for their monthly birthday celebration.

Community Service Socials - Join a Community Service Social - Volunteers chat with 3 or 4 youth while helping them with a project. Must be over 21 to attend. Echo Glen Golf Clinic - If you have compassion for troubled youth & even a slight ability to swing a golf club, please join us at this year's Golf Clinic.  Inspire a child – help them find a new talent or hobby. Docent - 2 volunteers go into a class of 10 students once a month from 12:15 PM to 1:24 PM (day of month decided by EG teacher & volunteers).  NO artistic talent required – lesson plans & supplies are provided.  Be a lead docent or assist.
Birthday Cakes - provide a cake once a month or once a year for a child.

Empower Girls - women & high school girls share things that moms usually teach their daughters… nail, hair or skin care, make-up, fashions for every body type… anything to boost a young girl’s self-esteem. Smile Power Outreach - help the Echo Glen youth paint T-shirts and write friendship

Other Opportunities

  • Tutor kids in various school subjects
  • Mentor - similar to being a Big Brother or Big Sister; just hang out & spend time with one child
  • Help in the Recreation Department - help coach a sport or some other activity. If you have a passion, there are children who would love to have you share it with them.

How to get involved

All activities are at Echo Glen Children’s Center. Click here for driving directions.

Contact the Echo Glen Outreach Coordinator for additional information.