The Disciple Life: Following Jesus for the sake of the world

At PLCC, we “grow disciples of Christ.” And guess what… A disciple is someone who “loves God and loves people.” Do you see a circle here? But disciple-making has to be intentional and include a specific plan to give hands and feet to our mission of “loving God and loving people.” This Jesus-way of life is how we all grow as disciples (John 15:9-10).

What does the Disciple Life Look Like?

  • Desiring to become more like Christ
  • Committing to following Jesus’ commands
  • Growing in serving God and others, becoming less consumeristic
  • Gracing the failures of others and themselves
  • Living out their faith in the world
  • Embodying a love that is growing deeper and broader

…This is the disciple life.

Ways to Connect and Learn with Others:

At Pine Lake Covenant Church, we truly believe we are better together. For us, this means we gather beyond a Sunday morning to learn, share, play, and grow together. This can look different for each person, depending on your age, life stage, and interests.

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