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At Pine Lake Covenant Church, we truly believe we are better together. For us, this means we gather beyond a Sunday morning to learn, share, play, and grow together. This can look different for each person, depending on your age, life stage, and interests.

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Here are the three different types of groups we offer:

New Growth Groups form three times a year in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each group consists of 6–10 people who meet for a limited season as they focus on sharing life together through meals, conversation, short studies and prayer. Each session provides an opportunity to make new friends as you also grow together. This is a great starting place for those newer to PLCC.

Current growth Groups

Participate in what you love or learn a new skill! We have various groups who meet on and off campus, often with community members, to engage in new skills. These groups include pick-up basketball, crocheting or knitting, hiking, and more. Don’t find a group focused on what you love? We’ll help you get started and provide leadership training.

Current social groups

These groups are typically longer term groups that spend September–May studying and learning more in depth as they grow closer to one another. Some groups follow a prepared Bible study and some continue discussion from the current sermon series. Most groups meet in homes and often share a meal together.

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