Global Missions

Global Missions

We develop partnerships with local, in-country leaders around the world, who are effective in ministry within their own language and culture and have a powerful impact in their communities.


Upcoming Service Opportunities

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Who to Contact

For Global Missions inquiries, contact:

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Additional Global Mission Partners

Covenant Kids Congo
Joining together with World Vision, this partnership is driving sustainable community development, changing the lives of thousands through clean water, education, health, agriculture, economic development, and advocacy.

PLCC provides financial support for Covenant Kids Congo.

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Covenant Missionaries
Pine Lake Covenant Church belongs to the Evangelical Covenant Churches of America, and we send a tithe of our local church income to the Covenant Headquarters in Chicago. Almost half of that goes to support 5 missionaries with the Covenant that we have chosen to help.

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Covenant World Relief
Established in 1946, Covenant World Relief serves as the international humanitarian aid and development arm of the Evangelical Covenant Church (in times of extreme need it also does USA domestic disaster response). Their charge is to assist the “poorest of the poor” by offering Relief, Rehabilitation, and Development.

PLCC supports CWR through an annual collection. 

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Paul Carlson Partnership
The mission of the Paul Carlson Partnership is to catalyze the growth of self-sustaining families and communities in places of deep poverty in Central Africa. Working together with partners in Africa and elsewhere, we invest in local efforts in medical and economic development in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We support training, infrastructure, medical resources, and small grants.

Pine Lake Covenant Church and Crossroads Covenant Church

The Paul Carlson Partnership is working tirelessly to bring essential resources to the 108 local village clinics through the Congo Clinic Initiative. Pine Lake Covenant Church and Crossroads Covenant Church in Yelm, WA are partnering together, coming alongside the local Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) supporting the Duranag Clinic in Wasolo. 

PLCC collects funds for this partnership during our annual Christmas Eve services.

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Pontis Nicaragua
Pontis Nicaragua provides education, mentoring, and assistance to move families in Nicaragua from subsistence to full lives for generations to come. Over 60% of Nicaragua’s population is rural with most living in poverty at less than $2 per day. PLCC provides financial support for Pontis Nicaragua’s mission to grow each family above the basic living defined in Nicaragua of about $450 per month (canista basica August 2016).

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Principle Global Mission Partners