Stephen Ministry

Who Might Benefit From Having a Stephen Minister?

  • Anyone who is struggling through a difficult time, or simply stressed by everyday life. Click here for more information
  • Referring a friend - suggest that they call or ask their permission for you to call on their behalf. Click Here for instructions on how to refer someone to a Stephen Minister.

What Does a Stephen Minister Do? 
  • Listens, empathizes, encourages, prays, and provides emotional and spiritual support. 
  • Meets weekly or an agreed upon schedule with the care receiver for as long as the need persists. 
  • Will meet you where you are in your faith

How Do I Get a Stephen Minister?

The Stephen Ministry program will be described to you in detail. If your needs are within the scope of Stephen Ministry, they will prayerfully match you with an available Stephen Minister. Contact a Stephen Ministry Coordinator.

How to Become a Stephen Minister

Stephen Ministry exists to provide Christ-centered, compassionate, confidential, one-on-one care to those who are struggling with life’s crises and challenges. If you think you might be interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, click here for complete details.