Outlook 2022

Outlook 2022

The Outlook is Pine Lake Covenant Church’s annual reminder of what we believe, what we’ve discerned as God’s will for our congregation, and how we’ll translate this into action during the coming ministry year.

Our PurposeOur PrioritiesPositioning for the FutureThe Road Ahead

In a year when so much has shifted and “normal” is as evasive as the mist, we may be tempted to keep looking down to see if there is anything solid on which to build future ministry.

Our healthy financial situation is reason for praise, but it is not our source of security. Our extended reach through live-streaming and online venues is noteworthy, but it isn’t our sole metric for success. It’s our trust in God’s power and goodness that makes for a future of possibilities.

The outlook for 2022 is full of hope for PLCC because we have confidence in our powerful Lord. Jeremiah 17:7 reminds us: 

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord,
    and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.

God continues to build his kingdom among us and through us. We look up to God and look outward to others, confident that God holds the future of PLCC in his all-powerful hands.

Our purpose as a church remains the same; we exist to:

  • Love God passionately
  • Love others deeply
  • Bless the world radically

This Outlook 2022 document outlines the priorities that will help us realize this purpose.

Interim Lead Pastor

Our Priorities

by Pastor Nancy de Jong

Our need for meaningful relationships has been heightened during this pandemic. We seek to grow our relational and spiritual connections through:

  • 6 Four 6: Through our goal to Develop Community in the coming year, we’re beginning 6 Four 6 groups this fall. Beyond Sunday mornings, these are short term groups of 6 (or more) people who meet for 6 weeks to share food and conversation with four key components. Our first 6 weeks will be focused on the Art of Neighboring. At the end of 6 weeks, participants are encouraged to gather new people or consider inviting friends and neighbors as we engage in developing our church family and those around us.
  • Retooling the Explore experience for new people.
  • Developing opportunities for women’s ministry events.
  • Hosting Sports Camp for the church and community in summer 2022.
by Pastor Mark Neely

Our culture is looking for real answers for broken systems and wounded people (including us!). As we continue to embody the full gospel through the pursuit of justice, we have committed to this in three tangible ways beginning this fall:

  • Our missions team has organized our fiscal year around four different events in conjunction with our global and local partnerships to provide aid to refugees, combat hunger, empower people in our community with disabilities, and seek to provide clean water for communities around the world.
  • We desire to be a community that takes Jesus’ command to ‘love your neighbor’ seriously, so we will have continuing education opportunities to equip each of us in becoming better neighbors.
  • Our pastoral team is committed to utilizing illustrations and uphold voices from diverse backgrounds and experiences as we together seek justice in the way we read and interpret Scripture together. We will also utilize our social media platforms to continue to advocate for love and justice.
by Pastor Sharon Anderson

Without a consistent, church-wide commitment to prayer, we face the prospect of becoming overly ambitious or fearfully passive. Let’s become known as a church that prays, and then prays some more! We will highlight this priority through:

  • An all-church prayer initiative for new Lead Pastor: As the time gets closer to calling a new pastor, we will organize an all-church prayer initiative to prepare ourselves for the next season of ministry and prepare the pastoral leader for their new role.
  • 4th Thursday Prayer Walks: We will continue to meet for a prayer walk on the church campus each month.
  • Sermon series on prayer: A fall sermon series will build confidence and spur discipline in the practice of prayer.
  • Prayer Week resources from the Evangelical Covenant Church: A week of prayer focus will be scheduled to engage in together as a community.

Positioning for the Future

As we prepare for a new lead pastor, we continue to update facilities and staffing to lay a solid foundation for future ministry.

  • Renovation of lower-level building A:
    • We have moved offices to their temporary location in building B.  The renovation team has finalized plans and is beginning to gather bids from contractors.  We trust that the project will begin in earnest this fall.
  • Staff updates:
    • Office Manager: Desiray O’Brien joined our staff team as the new office manager in June. She is focused on updating systems and processes for clear and efficient ministry support. We are grateful to have her on the team.
    • Associate Pastors: As Pastor Mark and Pastor Nancy have stepped into new responsibilities, their pastoral scope has extended beyond youth and children. The title of “Associate Pastor” is more appropriate for their calling to many ministry areas in the church. They will continue to oversee youth and children & families while they engage expanded pastoral roles.
    • Kim Witherbee and Scott Jones have expanded hours to provide necessary support for publications and communication for all our ministries. They bring valuable skills and perspectives to our team.
    • Director of Worship: We continue to seek a director of worship to work 10-20 hours per week. Pray that God will direct us in this process to the right person for this vital role. We are grateful for Ralph Aye’s willingness to serve in this role during the interim.
    • Pastor Search Process: Gary Brock, Pastor Search Team Chair, reports that the team continues to interview candidates. They are encouraged by the candidates they’ve seen and where they are in the process. They look forward to bringing a candidate to the congregation in the near future.
August 2021 PLCC staff outing (not pictured, but never forgotten: Mindy Richardson!)

The Road Ahead

It is a privilege to serve as interim lead pastor during this transition. I continue to have energy and joy to guide the church into the coming year’s Outlook priorities.

PLCC is a courageous community, creative and adaptive for the challenges of these times. You have a committed, talented staff team that have a clear heart for the future of this church. You have elected gifted men and women to serve on leadership and ministry teams. I am fully confident that God is preparing you for a rich season of ministry under a new pastor.

After a brief time of orientation with the next lead, I will be retiring from full-time ministry. L.A. and I will be moving on from PLCC, though we will remain in our Sammamish home. We are grateful for our years of shared ministry. PLCC will always hold a treasured place in our hearts.

With humble courage,

Pastor Sharon