Tenacious Love Clings

Tenacious Love Clings

Ruth 1:1-22

Matthew begins his story of Jesus by telling us the family tree of Jesus. In that tree is a young immigrant woman, named Ruth, from a despised racial group. God chose to include her in the human ancestry of his son. God loves to work outside the boundaries of cultural norms and because of this, when we find ourselves in places of great darkness and despair, we can, like Ruth, be people with hope.

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  1. Elaine Jorgensen

    WOW! The Holy Spirit spoke to me this morning thru your message, Pastor Mark. There are so many, “as it turned out “ moments in my life that I have neglected to take advantage of for God’s glory. I’ve spent too much time with the, “oh, poor me” group. Change has to be fore coming. The bold and humble message was loud and strong also. Thank you for your prayer, sermon prep time and love for God’s sheep. Time well spent.

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